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“Grievance of a Little Bear”

This was during my Creative Writing class in my senior of high school. Our assignment: choose a classic fairy tale, but tell the story from the point of view of a different character in the story.

We were plopped into the computer lab and made to work on our stories. I drafted this during a single class period, and I look back at it and sigh… Why can’t I be that creative again? What do I need to do?

Grievance of a Little Bear

(December 13, 1994)

This innocence thing is overstated. The very fact that a young brat girl with a stupid name like Goldilocks can break and enter into an unassuming rural home and establish a permanent niche in human history as an innocent interloper clear from all judgment whatsoever through the medium of a fairy tale should be enough to evoke the moral furor of any decent individual. The President of the United States and other public authorities should effect lawful action to purge our population of this vile juvenile delinquent immediately. Any other form of action or display of ignorance shall be denounced as a crime. I recount my story:

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